Since the golden age of television series began around twenty years ago, viewers have been able to experience and admire many innovative formats. We know the scenery from Hollywood productions like From Hell or Crimson Peak. Now it also has arrived on television. The best example of this is the Penny Dreadful show. It takes place in London in the late 19th century. Numerous fictional characters from well-known horror stories meet on the stage to be able to survive the attack of the dark forces.

Eva Green Acts Unleashed

The series title does not refer to the main character played by Eva Green but this is a monument to the famous dime novels. The producers delivered the content of the series from their materials. At the center of the story is the psychologically gifted and religious role of Vanessa Ives. This character is brought to life by Eva Green. When Vanessa strolls through the streets of London in her fantastic Victorian costumes, it is not just her contemporaries who take their breath away. In general, Penny Dreadful is a feast for friends of lavish and detailed series. Together with her friend Sir Malcolm Murray, performed by ex-James Bond actor Timothy Dalton, Vanessa recruited numerous supporters for her mission. One of them is an American gunslinger, played by Josh Hartnett, Victor Frankenstein, and Dorian Gray.

They all are looking for the missing daughter of Sir Malcolm. As if that weren’t enough, other historical figures appear throughout the episodes. Count Dracula does the same as his servants and Frankenstein’s monsters. The stories of the prominent characters play an essential role here, as does the plot itself. Numerous famous actors do the honors and make Penny Dreadful interesting not only for genre friends. The atmosphere is somewhat reminiscent of the film From Hell with Johnny Depp. Eva Green plays the shockingly best obsessed in TV history. Since the classic The Exorcist, such scenes have not been seen so vividly on a screen. Vampires, werewolves, and witches are waiting on every corner. The effects are sometimes not for the faint of heart. The makers of Penny Dreadful manage to keep the tension going until the very end. There is no shortage of literary allusions. What sounds like a crude mixture of trivial matters develops into a great drama throughout the story. The station produced a total of three seasons before the show came to an end.

Showtime Stands For Surprises

Dark, creepy, and beautiful, the producing broadcaster Showtime abducts its viewers to Victorian London. After all, they have a lot of experience with innovative show concepts. Whether with the serial killer Dexter, or the author Hank in Californication, Showtime surprises its viewers again and again. The adaptation of an Israeli TV hit became a worldwide hit under the name Homeland. Ray Donovan explored the abyss of a fixer in the glittering world of Los Angeles, and Billions is taking his viewers straight into the world of the billionaires of Manhattan. Penny Dreadful is a must for horror fans, who also love the Victorian Age.