There perhaps no era in history that it more romanticised than the Victorian era. It’s the period of the industrial revolution, a time when scientific progress was in full swing and there were constant changes that made life (for the upper classes) more convenient by the day. As always at a time when there are so many advancements and new steps into the future many will miss the mark or simply fall into obscurity. Here are a few wacky and wonderful Victorian contraptions that illustrate why we love this time period so much.

The Aquatic Tripod

First up we have this utterly bizarre invention, a sort of water skater used for hunting. This floating vehicle is equipped with three buoyant devices and a saddle in the mid-section for the ride to place themselves on. To paddle like devices are then attached to the feet so that the user can affectively run across the water. If the picture above doesn’t make it obvious enough the devices primary function was to aid duck hunters who have to shoot their prey from inconvenient distances, with the aquatic tripod you could simply give chase and take aim at point blanc range.

The Multi-Purpose Cane

Nothing quite captures the whimsy of the Victorian times like the multi-purpose cane. This fabulous device has taken into account all of the mainstay activities a Victorian gentleman may enjoy. It comes with several attachable features in order to achieve this and oh boy does it achieve this! It has an attachable net so that one can take part in butterfly catching, a pipe so that you can use it for smoking, an umbrella for that still popular British pastime, walking in the rain and a mearing stick so you can have fun measuring horses. Perhaps my favourite feature is that you can also use it as a flute too! Forget your swiss army knife, this is the real deal.

The Automated Smoking Machine

Smoking in the Victorian times didn’t have the same health related stigmas attached to it as it does now. In fact, it was considered healthy and as such you were able to purchase a wide variety of different tobaccos as easily as you would a Mars bar today. Victorians couldn’t get enough of that smoky nicotine smell, which considering the cleanliness of the time is perhaps less surprising than it may first sound. With this nifty automatic smoking machine you could fill a room with smoke in no time, consider this the Febreze of the day.

The Toilet Mask

It’s not just the gentlemen of the era that got to enjoy the benefits of modern technology, thanks to Madam Rowley’s Toilet Mask (or Face Glove) women too could benefit these advancements. This mask, no doubt far less realistic and for more terrifying than the advert suggests, could be worn to keep women naturally beautiful, preserving their skin not just from harmful air but from “complexional imperfections” too. Though it’s apparently endorsed by the scientists of the time there seems to be no science behind it but wear this three times a week and you will be more beautiful than ever before.