Religion and the Victorians – Part 1

Through their strict behavioral codes and their social and cultural structures religion played a big part of Victorian Britain. The Victorian system of etiquette and manners were not just born out of social standing and what class you belonged...

October 28, 2018 Helga

The Importance of Victorian Culture – Part 2

In part one of our blog we saw an immediate change in Victorian Britain compare to the country ruled by William IV. Modesty and restraint were now the order of the day as the queen led by example. The...

October 25, 2018 Helga

The Importance of Victorian Culture – Part 1

The Victorian era is easy to calculate as it is when Queen Victoria was on the throne of Britain, from 1837 to 1901. She came to the throne at the end of the Industrial revolution, where Britain saw some...

October 3, 2018 Helga
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